Why invest in MedTech?

What sets us apart


  • Investing before early birds do and bridging the gap between angels and larger venture capital funds

  • Defendable IP is always an asset

  • For MedTech companies an exit is obligatory

  • Supported by non-repayable grants


  • 97% of all start-ups fail to achieve new reimbursement (NUBs) - MTE’s targets will apply and achieve

  • Working with industry experts with 200- manyears of MedTech track record

  • Providing comprehensive operational support

  • Cooperative milestone management

  • International distribution network

  • Access to Key Opinion Leaders


  • Unique evaluation method for management

  • Direct access to complete bandwidth of players in healthcare with a reliable network

What we stand for


We believe and invest in the next generation of life saving Medical technologies and Digital Health Applications to ensure future health and making lifes easier. We facilitate the creation of new opportunities and set new standards of care.

What we look for

Our focus is the convergence of Digital, Healthcare and Technology – MedTech, Digital Health and Digital Applications.

  • Medical devices class I, IIa, IIb, III

  • Digital Health Applications (DiGA)

  • Ideal: prospective reimbursement (NUB/DRG/DiGAV)

  • Disruptive technologies in life science, hygiene, infection prevention etc.

  • Defendable technologies with strong IP and measurable advantage

  • No pharma, no biotech

Academically routed start-ups typically face a lack in three major areas.

We provide comprehensive operational support for unexperienced founders.

Corporate Governance

While we do not engage ourselves in the day-to-day operations, we provide strategic advice and assistance with:

  • Review business plan, roadmap, milestones, KPIs

  • Controlling, reporting and reviewing

  • Warehousing, supply chain and logistics

  • Central services, corporate law and IP

  • Team assessments for an optimum set of competencies

  • Teambuilding measures and support recruiting

  • Organization of interim management support

  • Identification of public funds, strategic co-investors, grants etc.

We cover every single aspect of the global healthcare industry.

Market Knowledge

  • Provide in-depth understanding of the complexity of the German healthcare system

  • Develop multidisciplinary analysis of market access strategy and commercialization approach (IP / FTO, legal, finance, proof-of-concept, limited-market-release etc.)

  • Support in applying for CE mark

  • Development of reimbursement solutions (NUB / DRG / DiGA etc.)

  • Implement Hospital Remote Management

We offer direct access to the complete bandwidth of players in the whole healthcare ecosystem.


  • Connect to MTE’s healthcare network

  • International distribution network

  • Reliable access to decision makers in hundreds of hospitals

  • Key Opinion Leader (KOL) management

  • Provide CRO support for clinical trials and studies

  • Potential strategic partners, prospective buyers, VC-, CVC-, PE-, and other Co-Investors

We have a clear definition of the investments we make.

Investment Strategy Summary

Target Volume

€ 50M

Target Geographics

Europe (incl. Israel)

Target Sectors

MedTech, Digital Health, Digital Health Applications

Target Investments

€ 500k – 3M per target

Target Stages

Early stage & before
(Pre Seed)

We back visionary teams working hard to improve patients' lives.


By entrepreneurs for enterprising professionals.


Dominik Moll

Managing Partner

Broad experience (2 decades) in various executive positions in international large-scale enterprises in HC (J+J, KC, 3M, GOJO etc.). Over 15 years c-level positions and shareholder in SME. Inventor of patented technologies. Managing Partner at the market leader in management due diligence for European private equity companies. Profound know-how and reliable network in Healthcare. Successful Angel investor in several HC ventures.

Dr. Andreas Lindner

General Partner

Founder of various companies since the early 90ies with a focus on medical technology. Since 2017 CEO of Invitrocue Europe and board member of Invitrocue Singapore, a company in the field of oncology diagnostic. Broad VC experience and invested in numerous companies. PhD thesis in int. expansion of US high-tech companies in Europe.

Dr. Jörg Muschiol, MD, MFPM, MBA

General Partner

Medical Specialist for Pharmaceutical Medicine and MBA ETH Zurich/Boston University. Marketing and clinical drug development at Ciba-Geigy Germany and Schering-Plough US. Managing Partner at Capman Venture Capital. Executive positions and management consulting in Health Care and Life Sciences for more than 30 years.

Carl Härtlein


Founder of Saint Clair Advisory, Carl supports Investors, Family Offices and Venture Funds in Investment and Fundraising Strategy, drawing from his academic research on Soft Due Diligence, a systematic evaluation process for intangible success factors. Carl promotes the positioning of Emerging and First-Time Funds as a rational target for capital allocation and facilitates their exposure to Limited Partners.

PD Dr. Dominik Pförringer, MD, MBA

Head of Medical Advisory Board

Medical Specialist for Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery. After completing his MBA studies at INSEAD and consulting at Bain & Company and Advisors in Healthcare he returned to TU Munich founded the task force digitalization and habilitated in 2018. Co-chairman of the task force digitalization at DGOU and Chairman of the jury of Inventors for Health Award (Stiftung Charité).

Dr. Franz MJ Pfister, MD, MSc, MBA

Head of Digitalization Advisory Board

Entrepreneur, medical doctor, data scientist, being recognized as a leading expert at the intersection of artificial intelligence, data, digitization, and healthcare. After medical studies at LMU (Munich) and Harvard (Boston), earned an MBA from MBS and a Master's degree in Data Science at LMU. Leader in multiple initiatives & companies in the field of Health AI, developing next-generation diagnostic solutions to improve patient care and enable precision medicine – received the Eugen-Münch Price for healthcare innovation in 2019.

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